Release Notes#


  • New: Filter oudated packages by version part (bug #4).

  • Use Pydantic models to load and serialize caches. This could have better perfomance and correctness but also introduce new bugs.

Modules changelog:

  • bugzilla:

    • Switch to REST API from XMLRPC.

  • pgo:

    • outdated:

      • Improve error text for trying to filter by maintainer (bug #3).


Modules changelog:

  • pkgcheck:

    • scan:

      • Drop --quiet flag. Before pkgcheck v0.10.21, this option was used only in pkgcore internals. Now it’s used to filter out non-error results from pkgcheck.


  • New: Define custom global flags to override global options.

Modules changelog:

  • pkgcheck:

    • New: Filter results by keyword or message.

    • Silence pkgcore warnings and pkgcheck status messages.


  • New: Scan repository for QA issues (command: pkgcheck scan).

  • Fix caching with maintainer filter applied.

Dependencies introduced:


  • New: Execute custom aliases.

  • New: List all bugs on Bugzilla (command: bugzilla list).

  • Gone: bugzilla outdated is now execute bump-requests.

  • Gone: Python 3.10 support.

  • Fix parsing atoms that contain revision.

Dependencies introduced:


  • New: Discover version bump requests on Bugzilla (command: bugzilla outdated).

  • New: Discover outdated packages in the Gentoo repository (command: pgo outdated).

  • New: Discover stabilization candidates in the Gentoo repository (command: pgo stabilization).

  • New: Filter results by maintainer.

Dependencies introduced:


  • Add progress indication with the option to disable it.

  • Support NO_COLOR variable in addition to NOCOLOR.

Modules changelog:

  • repology:

    • outdated:

      • Fix bug #2, where different packages of the same project crashed the utility.

      • Use origversion if defined to prevent crashes.


Modules changelog:

  • repology:

    • outdated:

      • Output the latest of packaged versions instead of a choosing a random one.


  • First release.